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Keeping More Money!

What I share here is what Really Matters to me. If these things are important to me, they may be important to you too. What Really Matters is information that you can use in everyday life. This week what really matters is Keeping More Money! #saving #money #moneymatters

Here are 7 tips on Building Wealth

#1 Stop sending everything you make. Having a designer handbag, designer shoes, or and expensive car does not make you rich it makes you poor. Besides name brand does not always equal quality. Save those luxury items such as a big house or expensive car for once you become wealthy.

#2 Drive past Starbuck, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants. Plan more meals at home. Plan more meals that are simple and don’t require cooking. Make a list of meals and snacks. It you don’t want to make a list most phones have voice notes to remind yourself.

#3 Buy things out of need and not always want. Most impulse buying is out of want, and not thinking about the consequences later. Put your money into a savings account and build your emergency fund. Just because you can afford something doesn't mean you need it.

#4 Pay on your debt every week, even if its just $5 a week. $5 a week or $20 a week will take care of daily or monthly accrued interest. You can set up online bill pay for even $5 a week.

#5 Set aside fun money for family vacations or fun a night out. This will help you stay motivated to save.

#6 Become an analyst. Watch were every sing penny you make goes. If you don’t know where your money is going then it makes it very difficult to know where you can save to build wealth.

#7 Re-evaluate your overall budget every 3-6 months to see areas you can save. Shop around for new insurance, new internet providers and so on. Ask for discounts and promotions. Let them know you are looking at their competitor. Take the time to call.

I just did this in March. I saved over a $100 by shopping for lower car insurance, go a new internet provider, and asked for a lower interest rate because I am a loyal customer with excellent payment history on 2 of my credit cards. By the way, I established excellent payment history by doing what I said in tip #4.

Though the world may be unpredictable, one thing remains certain–what really matters to you is what really matters to you. The universe will give you more when you value what you have! Chow for now!

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