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The Relationship Guru

The Relationship Guru
Relationships are the NEW Currency!

"A healthy spirit= A strong body and a strong mind"~Davena

"Your body is designed to live because it is the 'house' of your soul"~Davena 

Davena has been inspiring people for over a decade. Her pronouns are she/her/hers. Davena loves to do this with savvy, yet simple language. She is a mother, grandmother (affectionately called "YaYa"). She is an advocate for Health. Davena has over 20 years in the Health & Wellness Industry.


In addition to her formal education she has Certifications in Health & Wellness Coaching, Sexual Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and Life Coaching.

Davena is a real game changer who's articles have appeared in Marriage & Family Magazine, and Christian Couples Magazine. She is often the guest on various podcasts, live interview shows and invited as a guest on relationship panels. As a result, she has a published her first of many books. 

Known in the creative space as The Relationship Guru, Davena has an ingenious and forward thinking use of language when it comes to matters of the heart. She encourages others to find an authentic language that speaks from the heart. Her mind is a canvas that allows for change, growth and the acquisition of new perspectives. Davena has made it her life's work to help facilitate people to find their voice and strength with matters of the heart.


Her personal health and wellness is important to me. She works hard to keep her personal wellness at its best. She hope to inspire people to make their relationships a priority.

Heading 5

We are wired to connect! The relationship with yourself and others is where the CURRENCY is made!  It is where the  VALUE  is built. 

Want to increase your   CURRENTY and VALUE in your relationships , however don't know where to start?  

Start here! 


Check out each page, there is something here for you! 

Core Values and Beliefs
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