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I woke up to...

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed! It has been a tough few weeks. I've had deaths in the family, traveled and suffered with an sinus/allergy 'situation'. As I lay there getting my thoughts together to thanking my Creator for another day...It came to me! I am intended as I should be! I am beautiful! Not just the silhouette body, on another level...beautiful on the inside. A beautiful soul! I felt I was moving into another level of wholeness. Another level of purpose.

I felt I should love me this morning. I should love me just for a movement. Why? No matter where I go, I cannot separate me from me! 😊. I can for a moment appreciate the vessel in which my Creator chose to house my soul. If a perfect God could take HIs time to mold me, shape me and love me, then I can take a moment to love me too! I woke up this morning and saw a beautiful reflection in the mirror that has given life, imparted wisdom, cried for those I love. I leaned forward and examined face in the mirror and said I love the woman you have become, the victories you won, and the pain you have overcome. Excuse me, I'm just loving me this morning!

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