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Why Learn Decision Making Skills?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Why should I learn decision making skills? It is a fact that good decision makers are successful people. They enjoy the feeling of self-confidence that comes from knowing how to make wise choices. Decision making skills are 'tools' you can use to solve problems. These 'tools' will help you to make the best and continue to make decisions in your life. With practice everyone can improve their decision making skills. Good decision making skills are important in all areas of your life-including personal, financial and professional.

No one makes the right decision every time. Mistakes can be the best teachers. But developing your decision-making skills, you can increase your success rate! Making good decision requires some thought and patience.

Here are the steps:

  1. Determine the size of the situation: Look at the problem from every angle. Think it through. Avoid mistaking the problem's symptoms(for example, a shortage of money) for the problem itself(poor spending habits, too much debt).

  2. Set goals and make them a priority: What do you want to achieve with your goal? Which goals must I meet to solve the problem? Write down your goals and priorities and review them often.

  3. Don't delay taking action with making the unnecessary decisions: Don't delay a decision to keep from making an unpleasant decision. Take time to gather information. Seek advice. Use all of your resources. Be open to new ideas. Write your thoughts down. Follow you gut! Use your analytical skills!

  4. Make a decision and put it to work: Inform others by letting everyone involved what changes to expect and why. Let others know what to expect. Check in from time to time to see how your changes are coming along. Make sure the problem has not returned or recreated in another form.

Some Decisions-Making Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do be honest with yourself. Do accept responsibility. Do use time wisely. Do have confidence.

  • Don't have unrealistic expectations Don't make snap decisions Don't fool yourself.

Making a decision is easy--making the right decision requires skills and knowledge.

Peace and Love!☮

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