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It Takes Two, Baby!

Two people. Two individual. Two humans. Two sets feelings, fears, needs, quirks, insecurities, and habits. This can make relationships tricky!

In any committed relationship no matter how deep the love between the two of you, no relationship is perfect! Keeping a relationship healthy, happy and fulfilling in no easy task. Some couples make it look simple--but every in every relationship you have to work hard to keep it thriving. Here are some tips for a stronger foundation:

Tip #1: Make and spend time with one another. There is work. There are chores around the house. There are errands. There are meetings. Children. Pets. Sometimes this can be a lot. It is time to make time for one another. It does not have to cost a lot of money. Take a walk together. Check in. Discuss things. The more time you carve out for yourselves the better. ​

Tip #2: Be Respectful. Being critical and putting your partner down will get you no where fast! How do you feel when someone criticizes you? Think about that before you open your mouth. A compliment can go a long way! It can be as simple as "Thank you for cooking dinner, I appreciate you!"

Tip #3: Keep learning about yourself and your partner. People grow and change. Support your partner as their hopes and dreams evolve over time. Be open about your own. No matter how long you've know each other, there is always new insights to learn.🤓​

Tip #4: Try to find common interest. It is ok to like different things. It is important that you have your own hobbies and activities. It is also great if you can discover something together. Maybe its working out, cooking, reading a book, music or traveling. Try new things together. You find new things that you both enjoy. ​

Tip #5: Get Close. Intimacy isn't just sex. There are so many forms of intimacy. Sharing your deepest thoughts and feels is a form of intimacy. Physical closeness is important too, of course. Learning your partner's intimacy needs is so important. Sometimes all a person needs is a warm hug!😊

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