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How To Light Up Your Life!

  • Unclutter your home. Get rid of things you don't need. Donate usable items to charity; recycle or discard the rest. A streamlined environment will bring clarity to your mood. Once you've cleared out the clutter, take a look around to see what else needs brightening. Maybe a new shade of paint on the wall or a new lamp in the corner will make your surroundings more cheerful. Tie back heavy draperies to make the most of available natural light.

  • Seek the sun. Winter days are so short that you may see the sun rarely if at all, on weekdays. To make it worse, many workplaces have few or no windows. If you're in this situation, seek a room or lobby with south-facing window where you can spend part of your lunch or break time. Also, consider this: health experts say that our bodies' levels of vitamin D tend to drop in winter, and that going outside for 10 minutes at noon three a week helps to overcome this deficit.

  • Think green. Potted plants bring color to a room and promote a natural, relaxed mood. They also contribute oxygen to the air you breathe.

  • Choose perky colors. Bright, cheerful colors--especially in shirts, sweaters, blouses, ties or scarves that are close to your face--will help you to look and feel more lively.

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