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Hold Your Head Up, It's Good For You

What I share here is what Really Matters to me. If these things are important to me, they may be important to you too. What Really Matters is information that you can use in your everyday life. This week what really matters is Holding Your Head Up! It’s good for you! #posture #gratitude #affirmations

Hold your head up high as you should! I recently found this neuroscience article. I immediately fell in love with this article. I fell in love with this article because I am a proud science person. This article said it is confirmed, that connecting with gratitude is more than just some hippy-dippy, happy dust fairy kind of thing. Gratitude and affirmations hard wires our brain a gift.

One of the best things it is FREE. Gratitude and affirmations is a bonus that you can do by yourself with any help from anyone else. Gratitude and affirmations are the types of rewards you want to stick with. Gratitude is a powerful human emotion. By conveying and receiving a simple thank you, can spark feelings of pleasure and gratitude.

Gratitude in any form can enlighten your mind, make us feel happier. Gratitude also improves your health. It is directly correlated to more vitality. It is scientifically proven when you acknowledge and appreciate what you have it gives you the charge to take ownership of your life. External rewards and relying on others to affirm who we are are not constant. They will come and go! Sometimes relying on others for gratitude and affirmations come at a cost When others give us verbal rewards, it does not last as long as our own internal dialogue.

So turn into gratitude. Tune into affirmations. You will see your life flourish and unfold into something beautiful and wonderful. The universe will give you more when you value what you have. Chow for now!

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