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Do you want to change your life? Daily habits that will change your life!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

  • ONE hour of movement/exercise... increases bone/muscle strength, improves your mood

  • TWO liters of water...cleanses toxins from your body, and gives you energy

  • THREE random acts of kindness....compliment someone, pay it forward, volunteer

  • FOUR colors of green/orange/ red on your food plate...helps to protect your health

  • FIVE minuets of meditation/mindfulness....improve mood, boost brain function

  • SIX songs that motivate you speaks to your soul and experience

  • SEVEN minuets of laughter....laughter is good medicine

  • EIGHT hours of sleep...sleep is healing

  • NINE pages of a book daily...reading grows your mind

  • TEN reasons to have gratitude and thankfulness

I dare you to try it! Do It!

Do it! #lifehabits #lifechangers #dailyhabits #actsofkindness

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