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Finding Compromise

What I share here is what Really Matters to me. If these things are important to me, they may be important to you too. What Really Matters is information that you may find useful in everyday life. This week what really matters is Finding Compromise.

Compromise is a word that many people don’t like. I get it! Let me offer a different perspective on the word compromise.

Compromise sounds like you don’t get to be right. It sounds like you don’t get to prove your point.

It is hard to resist the urge to prove you are right! It is harder to resist it every time you are wanting to prove a point. It’s only human to want to be right. It’s only human to want to get your way. Sometimes you can resolve a disagreement of conflict and get things your way. That is OK, as long as others get to be right, also It is ok as long as others get to express their viewpoint and perspective too.

When two people focus on and value the relationship, reaching a compromise might be a beautiful way to resolve conflict. Making a decision on what is good for the relationship might make your conflict see unimportant. Most of the time, when there is a compromise, everyone wins!

Learning to compromise is a skill that continues to build until it becomes an art. Being able to compromise represents maturity of thought and action. It does not change who you are. It does not make you weak, nor should it affect your self esteem. Compromise is not a weakness it's a sign of wisdom and maturity.

It is a sign that we all matter. And seeking common ground is NEVER, I repeat NEVER a sign of weakness!

It doesn’t mean you have to compromise your character, your beliefs, or your morals. It’s a willingness to work hard to understand other points of view.

There will be times when you need to stand your ground no matter what. There will be times when Living in your truth is the priority. Compromise is the art of acknowledging that the other person, with their unique thoughts, character traits and ways of doing things, might also be right. Compromise affirms the relationship is more important than one or more differences of opinion.

  • Compromise is part of every relationship

  • Compromise is part of every friendship

  • Compromise is part of every familyship

  • Compromise is part of every workship

At the end of the day, compromise is not easy. It is not something that we are born knowing. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with others. Compromise in some relationships will take longer than others. I continue to make an effort to see other’s perspectives, and to realize everyone has their own unique characteristics. I consider compromise as a sign of growth. I consider compromise an ever engaging art. Developing my art of compromise is important to me. It is when I get to focus on the value of that relationship is where compromise wins for me!

Though the world may be unpredictable, one thing remains certain–what really matters to you is what really matters to you. The universe will give you more when you value what you have! Chow for now!

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