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Can They Really Ask That?

What would you do if a potential employer asked you to show your salary from a previous position during the interview? I would not! What if during an interview you were asked if you have any pre-existing health conditions? They should not!

My friend is a human resource professional. She said no one should be asking for your previous earning potential. No one should! Point Blank Period! Some companies do run credit checks on potential hires, which is acceptable as long as the company follows the law.

According to an attorney, employers are not permitted to ask about illness, and you are not obligated to discuss. Interviewers try very hard not to be prejudiced by circumstances such as illness, weight, age. But let's be honest, we all have biases...and we are all human. It pays to be prepared to know what cannot be asked of you during an interview.

Employers cannot ask questions related to birthplace, ancestry or national origin, such as:

  • How long has your family been in the United States? What is your native tongue?

However, an employer can ask if you are a US citizen. They cannot ask questions related to marital status, children or pregnancy. Employers cannot ask any questions about physical disability, health or medical history. They can ask if you are able to perform the duties that are required for the job.

  • Here are a few more questions interviews should never ask.

Was your military discharge honorable or dishonorable? Have you ever brought a lawsuit against an employer? Have you ever been sexually harassed? How much do you weigh?

However, it's important to remember that if it feels wrong, it probably is. Reputable employers will not ask you to compromise your personal safety or integrity for the sake of finding a job.


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